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Chiang Mai is a major provincial city in the north of Thailand. Surrounded by mountains and in close proximity to several national parks, Chang Mai offers great hiking and nature observing possibilities. It is also well known for its many temples, shrines, monasteries and palaces. The historical city center has been a political, religious and cultural hub for many centuries. Despite the increasing number of tourists, the city still keeps its relaxed atmosphere and calmness. The whole metropolitan area is home to almost one million of inhabitants.
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The main revenue-generating industries in the Chiang Mai metro area are food production, transportation, agriculture and beverage. In the recent years, Chiang Mai has set to evolve into a thriving creative economy with promoting Thai cultural products, art, design, tourism and creative work. Government supports the creativity, services and cultural industry and the businesses in hospitality, food retailing, and real estate rentals are profitable. Due to the large number of historical sites and tourist attractions, tourism is a vital part of local economy as well. Despite the fast overall development of the last decade, the city is struggling with static low wages, higher unemployment rate and increasing cost of living.

Chiang Mai's interesting traditions, culture and captivating festivals attract many tourists, both leisure and business ones. It’s a great spot for meeting, incentive, conference and business travel. Quality hospitality services, easy accessibility, affordability and exotic atmosphere of the area are an unbeatable mix that makes Chiang Mai an obvious choice for meeting and event planners.

The attendees can spend quality after-work time exploring the ancient temples and the Old City that is surrounded by moat and defensive walls due to the constant past threats of expansive Mongols and Burmese. The highlights are two temples: the Wat Chiang Man (the oldest Buddhist temple in the city) and the Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep (the most famous one). If your event happens to take place during the festivals of Yi Peng or Mae Jo, you are lucky. During these festivals the city becomes magical as the night lights up with thousands of released illuminated lanterns and floating flower baskets on the water surfaces.


Chiang Mai International Airport (IATA code: CNX) is the main domestic and international airport of the province and handles over 9.2 million passengers annually. It is located close to the downtown and a 15-min taxi ride can cost around 200 THB.

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