8.2 million
Chinese Yuan (CNY)
International Visitors
700 thousand
# of Venues
# of Meeting Rooms
Largest Meeting Room
1200 participants

The southernmost point of China is the Hainan Island (海南) with the capital city of Haikou (海口) on the north shore and approx. 8 million inhabitants. With high air quality, Hainan is a tropical paradise with long beautiful beaches, lush vegetation, palm trees, tropical forests with over 550 species of animals and several protected wildlife conservation areas where visitors like to go on bird and wildlife watching tours. There are long strips of protected ocean water along the shore where endangered species come to feed and breed (whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins). Sanya (三亚) is a city on the opposite side of the island, very popular with tourists. Tourism is an integral part of the local economy and in the recent years, the government has invested heavily into the new infrastructure, development of new hotels, services to attract business travelers as well as regular holidaymakers.
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The island has rich natural resources and thus the processing of iron ore, minerals, natural gas and offshore oil brings substantial revenue together with manufacturing of heavy machinery and export of agricultural products such as coconuts, palm oil, teak, rubber, sandalwood, spices and tropical fruit. Farming of pearls, shrimp and fish employs many local families.

Golf (Hainan has one of the largest golf clubs in the world), medical tourism, business travel and the meetings industry (MICE) are gradually becoming key attraction for visitors. The island can offer attractive outdoor function venues for memorable business events, scenic areas, excellent after-business recreational activities, packages for business travelers, possibilities to hold company meetings on luxury yachts, offerings of team-building activities, etc. Luxury resorts and hotels with large meetings spaces can meet expectation of event organizers and impress the attendees.


Hainan Island has two international airports and two local ones. The southern Sanya Phoenix International Airport (三亚凤凰国际机场) (IATA code: SYX) is located just 15 km west from the Sanya city centre and processes over 16 million passengers annually. A taxi ride to the city centre costs approx. CNY 50-60 and takes over 15-20 minutes. On the northern side – Haikou Meilan International Airport (海口美兰国际机场) (IATA code: HAK) is located 25 km southeast from the downtown and is the main seat for Hainan Airlines. A one-way taxi ride to the city centre costs approx. CNY 50-60 and takes over 30-40 minutes. A taxi ride from Haikou airport and Sanya will cost CNY 300-400.

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